Welcome to the Onondaga County 4-H Program!

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Onondaga County is committed to youth development through the NYS 4-H Program  centered at Cornell University.  Youth development in Onondaga County has traditionally focused on 4-H Clubs in animal science, primarily horse and dairy. Clubs are encouraged to form around other topic areas, such as agriculture, photography, sewing and robotics, but always with positive youth develop goals. In the 4-H Club format, adults take on an active role in organizing and leading youth in different “project” areas.

Onondaga County 4-H Program welcomes new youth members who wish to join an existing club or become independent members. Adult volunteers and parents are encouraged to contact the CCE office and organize their own 4-H Club through a screening and background check process. Clubs can start up with five 4-H members and a supporting adult leader who wish to work on projects that help youth learn and grow in communication and leadership skills. If interested in becoming a 4-H member and/or organizing a new club, please contact the 4-H Program Educator at 315-424-9485, extension 241.