Agriculture in Onondaga County

Even though Onondaga County is classified as a metropolitan county, approximately 35% of the land or 150,000 acres is owned or rented by farm operators. The 2007 Census of Agriculture reported that there were 692 farms managed by 1,109 farm operators. In 2007, farm sales totaled over $135 million. Milk sales and sales of cattle and calves accounted for 89% of gross farm sales. Onondaga County ranks in the top 4% of all counties with dairy cows nationwide. Within NYS, Onondaga County ranks first in acres of strawberries, fourth in poultry and eggs, seventh in wheat for grain, ninth in corn for grain, and tenth in grain production and fruits and berries.

Cornell Cooperative Extension supports consumer’s desires to purchase local foods through the Turnpike Market Trail. For a list and location of local farm markets click here.

Getting Started in Food Production

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The Consumer Connection

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