Which Breed of Dog Makes the Best Guard Dog?

Everyone wants to feel safe, and there are multiple ways to achieve protection. Some people get home security systems and weapons, but one way that has been popular for centuries is a guard dog. Certain breeds are better as guard dogs than others because they will be alert to the sounds of intruders and take actions to drive them away. The following dog breeds will be a great choice for anyone who wants a four-legged companion to protect their home and family.

One of the best, if not the best dogs for the job of being a guard dog is the German Shepherd, which are named after their German origins in the 1800s. These dogs have keen listening skills, great intelligence that allows them to learn easily, and an obedient nature that makes it easy to train them and for them to follow commands. While they are lovable dogs, to threats, they can be menacing due to their size and appearance, and can even take down humans with ease. They can even survive in colder temperatures because of their fur, which makes them perfect as global watchdogs.

Rottweilers also make great guard dogs, but they need proper training from a professional to prevent them from being aggressive with children. These highly intelligent dogs were used as far back as the ancient times of the Roman empire to protect soldiers. They are obedient to their owners and aggressive and snarling to threats and intruders. These dogs are natural born leaders and are known for being healthy due to their low chance of getting diseases.

The Bullmastiff is a dog breed that will think of its family as its pack and will do whatever it takes to protect them. They have a heightened sense of awareness and can make intruders think twice about entering a home with their intimidation. The Bullmastiff is more of an attack focused dog, choosing to go after its target rather than wasting time barking and growling. It has no problems taking down an adult male, but it can still be gentle, even with young children. Owners should resist being passive with this breed because the Bullmastiff will become dominant and ignore commands with lax training.

The short haired Doberman Pincher may not be the easiest dog to train, but with a dominant attitude established towards them while they are young, this dog can grow to be loyal guard dogs. They are quite athletic and just need a little food and exercise to live. When they see an unfamiliar person, the Doberman Pincher will be quick to alert their owner with barks and growls. It’s best to raise these dogs with children if they are going to be used to protect a family.

Great Danes are similar to the Bullmastiff in that they are gentle and great around children. These dogs are strong and can grow to great sizes, but this doesn’t impact their ability to maneuver in a home. These dogs will do more barking than attacking at intruders, but they do a fine job of alerting their owners of trouble.

If safety is what you need, then consider one of these dog breeds, Not only will you gain safety, but you’ll also have a companion that will love you for years.