Touring Japan – The Best Cities to Visit

Did you know that Japan is an island? Many people forget that or do not even know that fact. It is a great country to visit. How many cities in Japan can you name? When getting to know the cities of Japan and which ones are the best to visit, it can help to look at some of the country’s most popular attractions here: Here are five of the top places of interest in Japan and the cities where they are located.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum would be a great place to visit. If you weren’t aware, Hiroshima is the actual name of the city. You certainly know that this city is where the US dropped an atomic bomb. It is said to be a heart-wrenching memorial. I know, vacations are meant to be fun and full of smiles, but this is truly one of the top places of interest in Japan, especially from a historical and cultural standpoint. This makes Hiroshima one of the best cities in Japan to visit.

Mount Fuji is another top place of interest in Japan, and it is found in the city of Chubu. You see, you have probably heard of Mount Fuji, but you may not have heard of Chubu. Take the Yoshida Trail, and just wait until you see the breathtaking views. The pictures look amazing, and transportation is provided of course. There is a bullet train for starters, and people even take pictures of Mount Fuji on their way to other cities.

One of those cities is Kyoto, and so let’s take a look at this city and one of its top attractions. Gion is the place of interest, and it is hard to put into words. Basically, it is a great area to walk around and visit little shops and look at unique buildings. There are plenty of restaurants, too. Kyoto has many other places of interest, and so start at Gion and work your way around this popular Japanese city.

Oirase Stream is another popular attraction, and it is in the city of Towada. This is a very beautiful place, and nature lovers have left many reviews. The pictures show a gorgeous scene, and people say that it is a great place to visit to see autumn foliage. Have you heard of Towada?

Let’s look at one more city in Japan. The Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort is in Nozawaonsen-mura, and it is a very popular place to go skiing. People talk about the traditional village, and one thing skiers like to hear is that there is a lot of powder. The fluffy snow is definitely going to be gorgeous, too.

This article should give you a good idea of what awaits you in Japan. Yes, you will want to visit Tokyo, too, for sure. However, make you sure you give some thought to visiting other cities and places of interest in Japan that you might not have heard of before. Have a great time traveling all over the island country of Japan.