Participating in a BJJ Tournament

If you are planning on participating in a competitive BJJ tournament, BFF Fanatics, it’s important that you prepare accordingly. After working hard in the gym, and are ready for the tournament, you will have to prepare yourself, mentally and physically for the task at hand.

Use the tips below to prepare for your next BJJ tournament.


When it comes to participating in a BJJ tournament, the crucifix, it is vital that you have a strategy that you can use to overcome your opponent. It is common for competitors to think that mastering one move will help them gain an advantage over their opponent. However, this often ends up in failure. This is because in a competition you do not know how your opponent will come at you.

Mastering an offensive, and the separate defensive move will give you a choice between two moves depending on how your opponent comes at you. Furthermore, two techniques are easier to master and remember, as compared to attempting the impossible task of mastering all BJJ techniques—leg locks bjj.

Use Visualization

A visualization is a powerful tool when preparing for a BJJ tournament. Comprehensively visualizing every part of each match will help you mentally prepare for what is to come. Take the time to visualize the moves you will use during each match, including the body parts to be used.

It is also recommended that you also visualize yourself winning. This will help you channel positive energy. If you can visualize how you will win each match in your mind, it becomes possible for you to do so in real life.

Watch What You Eat

During the day of the tournament, it is recommended that you pay close attention to what you eat. It would be quite disadvantageous for you to make it to the match hungry. Providing proper nutrition to your body will ensure that you have the energy to last through the match, and preferably overcome your opponent.

It is recommended that you avoid sugary drinks and foods as they may leave you drained, especially if you consume them too long before the match. Be sure to also avoid any foods that might make you feel slow. Alternatively, you can consume energy bars and bananas to keep your energy levels high. Consume lots of water to stay hydrated throughout.

Keep An Open Mind

Perhaps the most important tip to keep in mind when preparing for a BJJ tournament is to keep an open mind at all times. When participating in a tournament, you should not be too worried about losing your match; it’s better for you to come out of it having learned a thing or two about your technique and skills.

Participating in a tournament helps you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. As such, even if you lose, you should be able to find things that you can improve upon to guarantee a better outcome next time.

Participating in a BJJ tournament and coming out with something is no easy fete. However, with the right preparation, you can be able to raise your chances of having a successful outing.