The Consumer Connection

Whether you are trying to find a local business to sell your fresh farm products to, or find a place to have dinner that supports local foods, you came to the right spot. Our Consumer Connection offers a wide variety of resources for all members of our local food system: farmers, business owners, and consumers alike. Check out the links below to find more information on local food locations, and partnership opportunities for local farmers, businesses, and consumers.

Lists of Local Restaurants, and Groceries that Supply Local Food
Find a local eatery or distributor of local food in your area. Then contact them to see what local products they offer, or if you can supply them with fresh products of your own!

Lists of Direct Producer to Consumer Locations
Find the closest Farmer’s Market, CNY Bounty, or Farm Fresh Mobile Market location using this link. Explore their own websites to learn even more information on some available fresh local products!

CCE Onondaga Marketing and Partnership Opportunities
Throughout the year CCE Onondaga provides opportunities for local businesses, farms, and consumers to get involved and help fulfill some gaps in our local food system. These opportunities can provide educational materials, business opportunities, or marketing opportunities. Click here to take a look at some current projects and find more information on getting involved.

Funding Opportunities for Farms, Businesses, and Organizations that Support Local Foods
Both the Federal and State Government provide various funding opportunities. These opportunities come in the form of grants, assistance programs, and various loan programs. There are also a number of organizations that help fund small businesses and farms that qualify for aid. Check here for a list of the programs, their links, and see if you qualify today.